Festival #11:  March 13-15, 1987


Bluegrass music brings out fans to City Park

Auburndale Star

The Eleventh Annual Florida State Bluegrass State Championship drew thousands of people to Auburndale this weekend.
Auburndale, the home of the championships, was filled with sounds and sights of country bluegrass music.
The festivities opened Friday night in City Park and lasted throughout the weekend.
The main instruments in bluegrass music are a basic five-string banjo, mandolin, guitar, fiddle, bull bass, and dobro. There are typically no electrical instruments in bluegrass bands The music Is considered to be hard and fast-driving.
Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys were one of the original bluegrass bands and are said to be responsible for the name "bluegrass" catching on.
The music is referred to by some as hillbilly.
Musicians who enter the contest are said to play "hard-core" bluegrass music.
"The turn-out for the weekend was as good as we have had, 'Mr. Bluegrass' Carl Allen said. 'The event seems to draw a lot of older people.
"The championship is announced all over the state at other bluegrass shows."
"It just keeps getting bigger and better. More people get interested every year.
"This year we had a tent for listeners to sit under. Rev. David Wine helped us a lot. He lives in Eagle Lake and he is a tentmaker.
"Next year we will have full meals available at the show."
"The show is purely for fun. It is not done to make money. I just like to see people have a good time."
There is a strong sense of family prevalent at the show. Whole families play In bands and grandfathers and babies clog along with the music.
Winners of the 1987 Florida State Bluegrass Championship are: Cross Country Bluegrass Band, first place; Breakwater, second place; Bold City, third; Joe Spaulding, best banjo player, and Bob Cogut, best fiddler.
The festival was made possible by the, support of several sponsors who provided prize money and equipment. They are: Scotty's; Mr Jim Sweet; Guys Roofing; Sun Bank; Lynn Green; Sun Growers; Mr Vanwey; Commercial Carrier; J. R. Mandish; Sterling Bank; Fields Equipment; Coca-Cola Bottling; Tucker Construction; Polk Tractor; Don Cheek, Realtor; Bob Dale Garage; Peebles; Preferred Products; Mrs Pelton's Pre-School; Gann and Son lnc.; Dr. William Sterling; Mid-State Paving; David Wine; Free Enterprise Installation; and Allens Historical Cafe.

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