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Carl Chambers 2008My name is Carl Chambers and I am the designer, maintainer, and your host here at Dizzy Rambler Online. I was born on December 17, 1946 (I'll let you do the math) and have led what I think could be best described as an interesting life. I have breathed the cool clean air of the mountain tops and I have gasped for breath in the devil's deepest darkest pits (pretty dramatic, eh?). In any event, it is my intent to share some of my fondest and in some cases, not so fond memories with anyone who might be even the least bit interested.

I grew up and have lived my entire life in Auburndale, a small town located almost dead center of the state of Florida. Half way between Tampa and Orlando, just off the I-4 corridor in North Polk County. During the 1960s, this small rural patch of sandspurs and orange groves (about a 10 or 15 mile radius) produced numerous talented individuals who would go on to leave indelible marks on the national and international entertainment industries. This was my peer group.

My dad and mother were hard working, church going (every time the doors were open), Bible studying Christians. Growing-up I was taken to church twice on Sundays, Wednesday nights, and for any other special services such as Gospel Meetings and Singings. And oh was that singing beautiful. The Bible says to "sing and make melody in your hearts" to God and the good brothers and sisters at the Auburndale (Orange Street) church of Christ took it very serious. The entire congregation was expected to sing in worship without the use of instruments and that is where I learned the basics of music and harmony. Baptized at 10 years old, by the time I was 16 I was slowly rebelling against all I had been taught and had began the process of destroying both my body and soul. Thankfully, by the grace of God, I was given the time to turn my life back around.

My folks were immigrants from the red clay cotton fields of North Alabama and moved to Auburndale in 1939. Daddy was an old-time fiddler and he and my mother's brothers, Uncle Boots and Uncle Ervin Eubanks, would sit in the living room and play them ol' country songs and breakdowns that so captured my dreams and imaginations. From my earliest childhood all I wanted to do is make music.

By the early sixties I had taken to playin' rock & roll with my first cousin Gerald (Jesse) Chambers. We would work together in various bands for two decades before circumstances would finally separate us. While we played rock & roll 'cause it was cool and that was where the money was - we were sittin' at home listening to Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Willie Nelson (back when he had short hair). By the late seventies we had started to migrate back toward our roots and country music.

The highlights of my musical career would have to include working in the studio and on the road with the Bellamy Brothers in the late 70s, in which time we recorded two albums that contained five "Billboard" charting singles (four of which went #1). In the 1980s, I was fortunate enough to chart a single under my own name (although not exactly a "hit") and then write two top 5 country hits, one of which went #1. In 1984, I accepted a major award on national television and I even got to play a show at "Fan Fair" in Nashville (back when "Fan Fair" was a big deal). I was also given the opportunity to be a staff writer for a major Nashville publisher for several years during the eighties and ended that decade with the only regular paycheck I ever made as a musician, playing 3+ years at the Boardwalk & Baseball theme park. In other words, it's all been either "feast" or "famine" and usually some degree of the latter.

Don't get me wrong though - I love this business. I've just never quite figured out how to make a living at it. Money and love are just two things I can't seem to hang on to. Both of my marriages ended in disaster when their designated "forever"'s terminated (one after five years, the other after almost thirty). I gotta be doin' somthin' wrong there. But, I did get 5 great children who have given me 10 beautiful grandchildren (to this date) and we shall cease to speak of these things as they make me feel very old.  

If you are not bored out of your socks by now - you can get all the gory details (or at least the one's I don't mind tellin' you about) by clicking the "menu" item, "Carl's Scrapbook" at the top of the page and take a tour of each decade. If you have any questions, corrections, or accolades feel free to drop me an email. If you just want to criticize - keep it to yourself - I got enough problems.

Carl Chambers

Carl Chambers